“We were fortunate enough to have Steve Trimper present a leadership session at
University Credit Union during our company wide training in the spring of 2015.  While we knew that Steve would do a remarkable job with his presentation, we were not disappointed on that front nor with the impressive results we immediately noticed with our employees after the session.  Steve inspired many in our workforce and he left a lasting impression of leadership with them which is still exhibited and referred to from time to time, almost two years after.  He set the bar high for future trainers when he came to spend time with us and we feel fortunate to have gone through one of his coaching sessions.  I would highly recommend Steve to any size company looking to hire a motivational speaker

who can instantly inspire a superior customer service and leadership mindset amongst their employees.”
Matthew J. Walsh, CPA
President / CEO, NMLS #443031
University Credit Union

“Excellent read and incredibly useful book for leaders at every level.  Coach Trimper shares his lessons on leadership through real world experiences and powerful examples based on his many years of success, on and off the baseball diamond.  A “must have” resource for any leader’s toolkit!”

US ARMY Brigadier General Rob Carmichael, MEARNG, Retired     

“A one-of-a-kind leadership book. Walk Off Winning is a home run for leaders in all disciplines who are serious about creating and sustaining a championship team culture”

Chief Jason D. Umberger,
DeLand Police Department,

“With today’s business environment becoming increasingly complex, having a coach has become crucial to an organization’s success. I can think of no better resource than Steve Trimper.  Steve has helped me understand that what drives and inspires us can completely change the trajectory of our lives.  His approach has helped me, as a business leader, realize that you must be willing to serve others and that leadership is about taking care of your people first, as there is nothing any more valuable.   Steve’s book, “Walk Off Winning,” will provide the roadmap to what leadership is truly all about.”


Keven A. Ireland
Nutrien Solutions
Eastern US Business Manager

“We have had the privilege of working with Steve Trimper and have witnessed his ability to translate his superior coaching skills to leadership training in a business organization. Many similar correlations exist between successful team performance on the baseball field and your teams’ successful performance in the business setting. In Walk Off Winning, Steve takes 19 core values essential in the development of a strong culture and leadership ability, then uses them in easy-to-apply lessons for you and your organization. The book is packed with valuable insight for improving how you, as an individual, influence and impact your team as a coach and a leader.”

– Carrie Darling Meo, Vice President of Fixed Operations. Darling’s Auto Group
— Jay Darling, President, Darling’s Auto Group

“Throughout my military career, the best commanders are inspirational leaders focused on the objective.  Great coaches are remarkably similar.  Coach Trimper provides lessons from his high energy leadership style which will help you create your own common sense leadership game plan.”

Major General Douglas A. Farnham
Maine National Guard

“Through his experience in college athletics, combined with his relationships with leaders in the  business world, Steve identifies and describes the values that one must possess to build a strong culture.  I also love his optimistic approach reinforcing the benefits of positive leadership. This book will benefit anyone who has a passion to become a better leader at work and in life!”

– Jon Gordon, Best selling Author of The Energy Bus and The Carpenter 


“Coach Trimper is a walking, talking example of leadership – and now he’s put his personality on paper with awesome real-life examples. You will feel his passion, energy, character, and motivation – all must-have traits for leadership and building strong cultures – on and off the field.”

John Reed, President and CEO, Maine Savings FCU