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Walk off Winning: Chapter 19 “TRUE SUCCESS”
“True success isn’t about how much money, possessions,fame or wins you obtain.  First, true success starts with surrounding yourself with good people to join your business, organization or team.  Next, invest your time, effort, energy and sometimes even your own money to build strong relationships with them.  Your people will appreciate it!  They will begin to trust your approach to leadership and join your effort to build a strong culture.  Lastly, they will become very loyal to you and your organization, truly investing their energy back to the group, team or organization. 
Guess what happens when these 4 steps occur and long term success develops. In the business world, CEO’s report growth and better earnings. Stock prices go up. Employees are awarded bonuses and raises for their part in growing the business. Those same employees most likely run to the local dealers a buy boats, cars and take nice vacations with their family. And the CEO’s get a chance to do interviews and articles on why their company is rapidly growing towards a fortune 500 company. So, in the end, everyone receives the money, possessions and fame they originally sought. In sport, it’s wins and championships. Yet the money, possessions, fame and wins are not measures of success. They are rewards from investing in a set of core values, building a strong culture and working hard to establish a positive environment to be successful.”

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